Steps to speak English fluently

Let's see How to speak English Fluently?

How to speak English fluently? Many people ask me for the same that how can I speak English Fluently? So, this was a common question for all students whose English is very weak. They are facing lack of confidence while speaking.

Well,I am gonna give you some hacks which you can start to use in your daily routine and see the result. 

It will gonna be tremendous.So lets start with the first one.Here are 6 hacks which can help you to speak English fluently.

Steps ti Speak English Fluently

Observe speakers you admire :

Observe those few speakers whose English you like to most that is something that I used to do when I was in college so, there is one Mam and her name was Arpita. She took our English lecture. She used to speak very nice English language. Her English was very simple and that is why this is something about her I appreciated a lot.

If you like somebody’s English I suggest you to listen her or him to observe them that how they speak English, what kind of English language they use, what kind of voice modulation they use & most probably how they put their thoughts in to the words.

I used to really like Arpita Mam.

Let’s move on to the next one.

Speaks slowly :

There is no point out to rushing your words. Have you seen me? No, I space out every single words of mine.i don’t need to rush to prove anyone that I can speak well or my fluency in English is much better then others. No, I don’t need to prove right.

So, there is no need to rush with your words.

Lets move on to the next one.

Use new vocab :

Use the new words that you are learning daily. If you learn something today use it by tomorrow in a few sentences of yours. That is the only way that you’re gonna remember those words and it will gonna be help you to built your vocab.

So, whenever you want learn something, just try to use it in your daily routine. This is the only way to improve your vocab.

Let’s move on to the next one.

Watch English shows :

See English movies, Netflix’s show, web series whatever you like. Just show English shows.

When you see and when you listen it leads to habitual one day. And trust me like this way, you are gonna learn something new everyday. Just watch if you are not understand with the word, just stop it google it and start to learn from that. You can write down in your dairy and make sure you will be using those few words in your daily routine too. This is how your vocab gonna be built.

Lets move ahead.

Take time out to practice :

Nothing gonna be happen when you just listen, listen and listen. Unless you start practice to speak in English to some one else. Take someone real time out & may be it just 5 minutes or 10 minutes. Devote it to speak, devote it to learn it.

So, speaking would be the best but try and practice to speak in English more.

Just find you buddy and start to speak English right now. You can speak English with your friends, with your teachers, with your coulees. Just find it and try this. Defiantly you will see few changes in your daily life. And its gonna be help you to built your confidence level and your personality too.

Let’s have a look last one.

Expect less, appreciate more :

Appreciate whatever little progress you see in yourself. Tell your self that your are doing good, you are doing well right?

Expecting little less would be very good in the way that you would not be disappointed because when you expecting too much right in the beginning, you are disappointed. Because any kind of progress will take some times.

So expect less, appreciate more and continue.

I hop you learn something new. So, try it in your daily routine.


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