Countable Nouns with Examples

Countable Nouns

Countable nouns are things that we can count.

For example: Chocolate. We can count Chocolates. We can have one, two, three or more Chocolates.

Countable Nouns with Examples

Here are some more Countable Nouns:

Dogs, cats, wallets, bags, pencils, pens, bottles, fans, chairs, tables, boxes, cups, notes, animals, men, person, people etc…

How to Use Countable Nouns in a Sentence:

Countable nouns can be singular or plural. If you have one chocolate, it'll come in the singular form. If you have a dozen chocolates, it'll come in the plural form. Additionally, these nouns can be preceded by a number or the determiners "a" or "an."
For example:

  • My cat is drinking milk.
  • My cats are hungry.
  • A cat is an animal.


When a countable noun is singular, we must use a word like a/an/the/my/this with it:

  • I want an apple. (not I want apple.)
  • Where is my bag? (not Where is bag?)


When a countable noun is plural, we can use it alone:

  • I like apples.
  • Chocolates can eat.


We can use some, a few, any and many with countable nouns:

  • I've got some chocolates.
  • Have you got any chocolates?
  • I've got a few chocolates.
  • I haven't got many chocolates.

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