When we use a an the Article:

When we use a an the Article:

There are 2 types of Articles

Definite Article

Indefinite Article

  • a (before a singular noun beginning with a consonant sound)
  • an (before a singular noun beginning with a vowel sound , , , , , , , )

Countable nouns - Nouns that can be counted and are either singular or plural.

Uncountable nouns - Uncountable nouns are substances or concepts that we cannot count and are always singular.

When we use “a” article?

Rule 1: We don’t know specific Identity.

We use article “a”

  • Before a consonant sound

a boy

a girl

a teacher

a table

a chair

a pen

a book

a uniform

a unity

a union

a university

a unite

a European

a one rupee

a master

a state

  • To indicate one in number (as opposed to more than one).

I own a car and two bungalows.


When we use “an” article?

  • Before a vowel sound (, , , , , , , ઊ)

an office

an elephant

an apple

an umbrella

an M.A.

an S.T.

an L.L.B.

an M.B.A.

When we use a an the Article

Rule 2: We know specific Identity.

When we use “the” article?

Here are some points where we use “the” before the noun:

1. Rivers / Mountains:

We use “the” before the specific name of rivers and mountains.


The Ganga is a holy river. (Ganga is a name of river)

A an the Ganga is a clever girl. (Ganga is a name of girl)

Point to be note: We not use any article before specific name of person.

2. Before the name of Religious book / Epic book:

The Gita

The Bible

The Kuran

The Ramayana

The Mahabharata

3. United State:

The U.K.

The U.S.A.

The U.S.S.R.

4. Seven Wonders:

The Taj Mahal

The Konark Sun Temple

The Gomateshwara Statue

The Nalanda University

The Khajuraho.

The Golden Temple

The Hampi Temple

5. Famous Buildings:

The Lotus Temple

The Taj Mahal

6. Oceans / Continents:

North America

South America






7. Ordinal Numbers:

The first

The second

The hundredth

8. Group:

The white

The black

The poor

The rich

The fool

The wise

9. One in the Galaxy:

The Earth

The Moon

The Sun

10. Family name / Surname:

The Khan

The Bachhan

The Ambani

11. Scientific Invention:

The mobile is a useful tool / device.

12. New Paper:

The times of India

The Indian Express

13. Train:

The Gujarat Queen

The Karnavati Express

14. Sides:

The East

The West

The North

The South

The Left

The Right

15. Poles:

The North Pole

The South Pole

The East Pole

The West Pole

16. National Designation:

The Prime Minister

The Chief Minister

The President

17. Public Places:

The cinema

The market

The road

The garden

The post office

Zero Article:

Game, meal, material noun, languages, abstract noun and disease.

We don’t use any article before such things.


I love to play volleyball. (Game)

We usually have dinner at eight. (Meal)

She speaks Hindi. (Language)

He thinks that love is what will save us all. (Abstract Noun)

He is suffering from malaria. (Disease)

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