Maths tricks for fast calculation

Maths Tricks for Fast Calculation

In today's article I'm going to give you some maths tricks to help you solve all your maths problems really quick.

So I'm gonna give you 4 maths tricks for even more fast calculation and it will help you to become the wizard of maths.

Trick 1 

Division by 5 :

What is 50 by 5 = 10 that's easy but what is 3421 by 5.

It's not that easy to calculate in mind right?

Let's remember 5 is 10/2 so,

How about if we first divide this by 10

So, 3421 divided by 10 is 342.1 and now I can multiply this by 2 . I've got 684.2. Wasn't that quick enough?

Well now your turn.

4237 by 5.

The fastest calculation in the comment box right now.

Maths tricks for fast calculation

Trick 2 

Visualize don't memorize:

Now I'll give you some tips here...

So, Albert Einstein once said that pure math is actually like a poetry of logical reasoning. So, don't look at maths as cramming up all those formulae.

Instead of look at it like a storybook or a pattern and that's all to help you to enhance your logical reasoning.

So, what is the sum of all even numbers from 0 to 100.

Let's break that down. What is the sum of all even numbers from 0 to 10.

Now, there are 4 even numbers between 0 and 10.

Which are 2, 4, 6 and 8.

Let's visualize these numbers.

So, what have I got here is a rectangle of 4 into 5 which is 20. And guess the formula i.e. n + 1.

Now try it with odd numbers. It's not exactly this formula but it's something different.

i.e. square numbers 

The sum of the first n odd number is n2.

Trick 3


Whenever you walk in to a store and when it says 12 % off. So somehow we didn't get exact.

So, how about we learn a quick trick of how to estimate mentally right there in the store.

So, What is 4% of 750 and 10% would 75 right?

We all know that what is 1% of 750 that would mean 7.5 and if we want 4% then it's 4 times of 1% which is 4 × 7.5 which is 30.

Let's try an another exercise in estimation.

992 + 888

Now, before you start adding all this big numbers, let's try to make them to the nearest hundred.

So, I would take 992 up to 1000 and I would take 888 up to 900. Now add them and i will get 1900.

Now, how much have I added here in order to get 1000 and 900 .

So, I've added 8 to get 1000 and 12 to get 900.

So, I need to subtract this 12 + 8 i.e 20 from 1900 and I get 1880.

Wasn't that easy enough!

Trick 4 

Find the square of any number ending in 5.

So, What is the square of 95. Now last 2 digit will always be 25 and the first 2 digit will be the 9 into the number comes after 9 which is 10 then 9 × 10 = 90 so you will get 9025.

Let's take an another example.


Last digit will be 25. And first 2 digit will be 20 × 21 = 420. Answer would be 42025.

Isn't that so easy!

Well we have learn all 4 tricks for fast calculation.

It needs logical reasoning, the right mindset and above all lots and lots of practice.

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